COVID-19 and Catholic Schools


The COVID-19 pandemic has required rapid changes to education, including the work of educators in Catholic schools. In order to document and respond to the changes experienced by Catholic school communities, the Journal of Catholic Education is pleased to present this special issue COVID-19 and Catholic Schools.

This special issue provides a forum for sharing information about how Catholic PK-12 schools, colleges, and universities are responding to the pandemic and the pivots in instruction, communication, administration, and ministry it has necessitated. Throughout the summer and fall of 2020, we collected submissions of reports, research, and commentary related to Catholic schools’ responses to the pandemic.

On behalf of the Journal's Governing and Editorial Boards, we hope you find this special issue useful, thought-provoking, and a reminder of the strength of the worldwide community of Catholic educators.



Witness to Hope: Catholic Schools Respond to COVID-19
Michael Boyle, Gail Donahue, Mary Pat Donoghue, David A. Faber, Frankie Jones, Jeannie Ray-Timoney, Brooke Tesche, and Timothy D. Uhl


School Choice and Hope Interrupted: Covid-19 and the Case of Pre-K Programs Housed in Catholic Schools
Stephen Kotok, Catherine DiMartino, Ceceilia Parnther, and Mary Ellen Freeley


Looking at Catholic Schools' Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic Through the Lens of Catholic Social Teaching Principles
Audrey A. Friedman, Myra Rosen-Reynoso, Charles T. Cownie III, and Cristina J. Hunter PhD


Lessons From the Field: Catholic School Educators and COVID-19
Kierstin M. Giunco, Myra Rosen-Reynoso, Audrey A. Friedman, Cristina J. Hunter PhD, and Charles T. Cownie III