20th Anniversary Special Issue


Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Special issue of the Journal of Catholic Education! The articles below have been carefully selected to showcase the variety of work the Journal has published over the previous two decades.

Please click here to read Editor Mary K. McCullough's introduction to the special issue.



Catholic School Counseling: From Guidance to Pastoral Care
Robert Murray, Kristy Suriano, and Judith Madden


What Can Jesus Teach Us About Student Engagement?
Glenn James, Elda Martinez, and Sherry Herbers


A Content Analysis of Catholic School Written Discipline Policies
Daniel L. Philippe, Claudia M. Hernandez-Melis, Pamela Fenning, Katie N. B. Sears, Emily M. McDonough, Elizabeth Lawrence, and Michael Boyle

Focus Section Articles


A Collaborative Approach: Assessing the Impact of Multi-Grade Classrooms
Rebecca A. Proehl, Shelese Douglas, Dean Elias, Anthony H. Johnson, and Wendy Westsmith

Reviews of Research